The aim of the project was to screen films on a large screen that could be viewed with the comfort of the car. He wanted us to help him with creating a website to promote this project. However, the page should not only serve as a promotion but should also be of an informative character. Since it is a car cinema it should contain lists of films to be played, when and at what time. The site should also contain the administration interface for movie management.


The foundation for the administrator interface was to create a movie management interface. We have designed and deployed a tailor-made design for the entire admin interface. The administration contains a message (adding, deleting, editing) movies. Another part of the administration is the release of current feature films for the next month. It also includes adding news to the main page by administering it. Finally, we designed a design for the presentation section of the page and made a link to the administration and database. The design was designed so that the user immediately learned the most important and most sought after information after visiting the site.