The customer of AV Systems had a problem with their company with the ordering process of the parts and the ordering system they were using, the job did not make it easier for them to do it. That's why they contacted us with a request to create a tailor-made ordering system. As our developer team has proven successful in creating an ordering system, we still have cooperation with this customer. As a result, this business system has grown into several new modules. On the further development of this comprehensive corporate system, our developers are still working.


Our primary goal in designing a solution to the problem of ordering was to understand the process of order creation as much as possible and to gradually simplify the execution of this action for the user as much as possible. We have designed an environment where the user can move quickly and perform all the necessary tasks effectively. Our business system solution is based on very good and powerful fundamentals, which makes it very easy to implement anywhere and extendable to any module according to customer requirements. The current information system includes 6 large modules that optimize business processes.